Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

When you are ready to buy a home in the Austin area, you want to know EXACTLY what you’re buying, right?

Imagine how frustrated you’d be to find out that the hot water heater wasn’t working—in the middle your first shower? Or if you find out the furnace died and it will be $3,000 to replace it? Please make sure that you protect yourself and your family have have a home inspection BEFORE you buy your new Atlanta home. A thorough inspection of the home is an important part of buying your home.

Before you hire the home inspector, get recommendations from your Austin REALTOR, family and friends. Once you have a few recommendations, ask the home inspections a few quick (but important) questions:

  1. What does your inspection cover? Not all inspections are the same. Ask for copies of previous home inspections so you can see exactly what they will check inside the home. If you are concerned about something specific, like a leaky faucet in the bathroom, mention that to the inspector so they can check it out.
  2. Are you licensed or certified? In Atlanta, Georgia, home inspectors need to be licensed, so ask to see the home inspector’s license. At the very least, choose a home inspector who belongs to American Society of Home Inspectors. This shows a level of professionalism and education that you can trust.
  3. What kind of home inspection report will you provide?  You should expect a written report detailing what the inspector found, ideally with lots of photos of any of the defects they discovered. Most inspectors will give you a copy of your home inspector report within three days of the inspection. Make sure the inspector will be available to explain anything on the report that doesn’t make sense to you.
  4. Can I attend the inspection? If the inspector refuses to let you be present during the home inspection, find someone else. This is your chance to know exactly what you are buying and what potential repairs you or the seller will have to make.  You want a home inspector to show you exactly what repairs are needed so that you can show the repairman or the current homeowner. Good home inspectors will also show you some important features in the home, including the main water line shut off and a few other things you should know in case of emergency.

Need Help with the Home Buying Process?

Trinity Gonzales with the Luxe Property Group loves helping buyers through the process of finding and buying their dream home — especially when it is your first home!  She will guide you through the home buying process and offer advice and tips to make the experience as fun and stress-free as possible!   Contact Trinity today.


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